Special needs pushchair for your kid- A Brief Buying Guide 2024

Special needs pushchair for your kid- A Brief Buying Guide 2024

Analyticsteam June 18, 2024

Being a parent, you always wish the best for your child. When it comes to special needs pushchairs, selecting the appropriate one can make a difference. Are you confused about what you must be looking for in a special-need pushchair? Don’t worry; at Bridgeway Medical Systems, we have multiple options for your kid. Before that, we’ll look at important elements to consider when selecting a special needs pushchair and offer some advice to help you make a valuable selection.

What is a special-needs stroller & who needs this?

A special needs pushchair is a mobility device made specifically for children who have physical or developmental challenges. It provides support, comfort, and security while enabling them to take part in family trips and activities. A special needs pushchair may be required if a child has trouble walking and keeping balance or has additional bodily or developmental problems that make operating a standard stroller impractical or dangerous. Certain types of insurance may pay the price of a special needs pushchair if it is judged medically necessary, although coverage varies by plan and the child’s unique needs.

Get a brief about your child’s requirements

Before delving into specific features, it’s critical to understand your child’s individual requirements. Consider their age, pounds, mobility ability, and any special medical or therapeutic needs. Keep these points in mind while evaluating different special needs pushchairs:

  • Size and weight ability- Make sure your child’s special needs pushchair can support their current weight and size as well as their future growth.
  • Support and placement- Look for solutions that offer enough head, neck, and trunk support while allowing for optimal alignment.
  • Safety features– Look for pushchairs with tight straps, brakes, and various other security features that will keep your kid safe on trips.

Exploring important things to look out for in special needs stroller

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the requirements of a special needs pushchair let’s get to the important things to look out for in a special needs pushchair:

  • Adaptability– An adjustable pushchair allows you to customise the sitting angles as well as positions to meet your child’s comfort and support requirements. Pick one that has reclining chairs, adjustable footrests, and modular components.
  • Movement– A stroller that is simple to push and move will make excursions more pleasurable. Consider wheel size, suspension, and swivel-locking wheels in the front when opting for one.
  • Accessibility– Select a stroller with simple access for moving your youngster through and out of their seat. Detachable or swing-away armrests and footrests might be very useful.
  • Storage– Diapers, food, and medical supplies all require plenty of storage space. Look for strollers that include huge storage bins or extra pockets.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle- Your family’s lifestyle should also influence your special needs pushchair decision. Consider how you’ll use your special needs pushchair most frequently and which features will best complement those activities: 
  • Indoor vs. outside use– If you want to use the pushchair largely indoors or over smooth terrain, a lightweight model with shorter wheels may be adequate. For outdoor activities or difficult terrain, go for a more durable model with bigger wheels and suspension. 
  • Commute compatibility– If you regularly travel by vehicle or public transit, choose a stroller that is simple to fold and transfer. Some variants are even compatible with car seats and travel systems.
  • Durability– A sturdy stroller will survive wear and tear every day while offering long-term support for your youngster.

How do you decide the budget when buying a special needs Pushchair?

Special needs pushchairs may range from hundreds or even a thousand dollars. While it is critical to pick a stroller that suits your child’s requirements, you must also keep within your budget. 

  • Search for sales or discounts– Keep an eye out for potential offers, & discounts that will allow you to save money on your purchase.
  • Amenities– Special adjustment systems are regular features for specialised pushchair manufacturers. The ability to modify the positioning of the seat, backrest, and footrest, as well as the level of the place to sit, the cradle function, and the position of the chair with respect to the direction of movement, all provide pleasure during longer walks for both the kid.

Pay close attention to seemingly minor details of the pushchair, such as the availability of a spacious pocket or bag that allows you to transport vital devices or products. A little movable foot is useful for older people, making it much easier to walk on.

Additional characteristics and advantages

Aside from their apparent transportation purpose, special needs pushchairs are suited for interior usage as comprehensive rehabilitation equipment. Models with customised tables may be employed to safely exercise, play, and eat.

More modern kinds of customised pushchairs allow users to set the seat back to a lying position, providing a pleasant and safe area to slumber.

Manufacture, Maintenance & Service

The reputation of the vendor and maker is also crucial. It is important to focus on the actual procedure of client service, the accuracy of the information offered, and the desire to answer all of the queries. It may also provide you with an overview of all activity related to service or concerns, which is really important.

Size & Adjustment

The major consideration when selecting a special needs stroller is its size. Pay close attention to the seat’s depth and width, the rise of the backrest, and the pushchair’s maximum load capacity.

All other factors that influence the child’s safety are as significant. Five-point belts and security vests are necessary. However, make sure the chair includes abduction straps to keep the youngster from falling out, as well as inlays or adjustable stabilising braces that, along with assuring safety and proper sitting posture, give comfort.

With so many alternatives, it is best to pick accessories that genuinely affect the child’s ideal posture, ideally under the control of a person with the required knowledge.

Explore the best special needs pushchair for your baby

  • Hoggi Bingo- This Hoggi Bingo Pushchair by Bridgeway Medical Systems has become a trademark pushchair that provides postural assistance to children with disabilities. It is comfy, user-friendly, and easy to tilt and recline. With personalised flexibility and a variety of styling options to fit your preferences, it’s no wonder that it’s the UAE’s top special needs stroller.
  • Hoggi Sherpa– At our store, we have the top choice of parents, Hoggi Sherpa, which is owned by the brand Hoggi. This system-comfort wheelchair fulfils all mobility-based seating system needs. It is designed in such a way that it can look both modern and sporty. The seating unit has multiple features & functionalities. You can easily transform the seat seamlessly from front to rear-facing. Individuals can make a variety of adjustments based on their needs. 
  • Hoggi SwingBo- We have another top-class special needs pushchair, the Hoggi SwingBO comfort staller, manufactured in Germany by Brand Hoggy. You can individually adjust the pushchair based on your kid’s needs. It has a folding back with a retractable rear wheel. The depth of the seat and the height of the back can be adjusted based on the kid’s size. 

Getting the Most Out of the Special Needs Pushchair Investment

Buying a special needs pushchair ensures your child’s comfort, safety, and general well-being. You’ll be able to make a sound selection after examining their specific needs and analysing crucial features while keeping your family’s lifestyle & budget in mind. With the correct special needs pushchair by your side, you’ll be prepared for any adventure that may come your way! To make your investment valuable, reach out to our store, Bridgeway Medical Systems.



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