Advanced Auto-Adjusting Technology: The Wellell iX-Auto CPAP Machine automatically modifies air pressure levels in response to your breathing patterns by using cutting-edge algorithms. No matter how your breathing fluctuates at night, this guarantees the best possible therapy and comfort.

Flexible Inhalation Experience: When the patient starts breathing, the Auto-On function automatically starts the therapy without the need to click the start button. It starts at a lower pressure and gradually raises it to the recommended level to make it easier for patients to fall asleep.

Compact & Portable: Convenience is the design of the Wellell IX-Auto CPAP machine, which is small and lightweight. Its lightweight design and small dimensions make it portable, so you may have a good night’s sleep wherever you are.

Comprehensive Data Tracking: Use the machine’s data tracking features to stay up to date on the status of your sleep therapy. By connecting the Wellell IX-Auto CPAP Machine to a smartphone app, you may remotely monitor and modify your therapy.

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