Tenshield – Keeps You Safe

“Tenshield” is a scientifically proven and revolutionary smart solution designed for maintaining the safety of indoor spaces in real-time.

All our claims are tested and validated from reputed organizations and labs around the world as listed below.

(a) Dubai Municipality, Government of Dubai, UAE
(b) METS lab, FDA & ILAC Approved Lab, Middle East
(c) Lonestar, ILAC Approved Lab, Middle East
(d) Intertek, Global Organization
(e) National Physical Laboratory, Government of India
(f) Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Government of India
(g) National Institute for Pharmaceutical and Environmental Research, Government of India
(h) IIT Guwahati, Government of India
(i) North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach, Government of India
(j) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India
(k) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
(l) Shriram Institue of Industrial Research, FDA & ILAC Approved Lab

The key use and features are as follows.

Inhibits from Air & Surfaces
1. Sars Cov-2 (Covid19)
2. Other RNA & DNA Viruses
3. Bacteria
4. Fungi (Aspergillus, Black Fungus, etc.)
5. Mold spores
6. Pollen
Significantly reduces from Air
1. Particulate matter upto PM10
2. Dust particles
3. Carbon monoxide
4. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
5. Smoke (cigarette smoke, kitchen smoke, etc.)
6. Other harmful gases that are present in the air
The technology/device significantly reduces the chances of infection and P2P disease transmission as the air quality and microbial intrusion (in air and surfaces) are kept in check in real-time (by continuous, automated monitoring and regulation).

Key features
1. 100% eco-friendly and Smart replacement for sanitization, fumigation, and other air purification technologies
2. Filter-less technology
3. No chemical consumables
4. Silent operation
5. Wifi connectivity
6. Ultra-low power consumption (2W-4W)
7. 24×7 protection
8. One-time installation

Other Specifications:


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