Advanced Filtration Technology: The Tenshield Air Purifier has filters that collect 0.3-micron particles, removing 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

Silent & Clean Operation: Enjoy peace and quiet while the Tenshield Air Purifier operates. It operates quietly enough to use in any room, even while sleeping.

Air Quality Sensor: Tenshield’s intelligent air quality sensor monitors your space’s air quality and adjusts the purification level. You’ll always breathe pure air without manual adjustments. Tenshield is energy-efficient. The air purifier uses little electricity but produces great results.

Large Coverage Area: Its large coverage area makes this air purifier suited for rooms of all sizes. Tenshield protects your bedroom, living room, office, and kitchen.

Customizable Setting: A filter replacement indicator eliminates the need to manually replace filters. The Tenshield Air Purifier conveniently reminds you to change the filter, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Other Specifications:


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