Effective Upper Body Support: The Mustang offers compact yet effective upper body support. This support system is designed to provide stability and assistance to the child while walking. It helps them maintain an upright and controlled posture during mobility.

Pelvic Support: In addition to upper body support, the Mustang also gently cradles the child’s pelvis. Pelvic support is essential for maintaining balance and stability during walking, especially for children with mobility impairments.

Upright and Forward-Leaning Position: The Mustang encourages an upright and slightly forward-leaning position for the child. This posture is conducive to engaging in everyday activities and stimulates the natural walking mechanism. It promotes an efficient and functional gait pattern.

Suitability for Various Conditions: The Mustang is designed to benefit children with a range of mobility challenges, including those with cerebral palsy and motor function impairments. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for a diverse group of users with different needs.

Anterior and Posterior Usage: While primarily intended as an anterior walker, the Mustang’s design flexibility allows it to be used as a posterior gait trainer as well. This adaptability is beneficial as it accommodates the specific abilities and requirements of the child.

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