Supportive Frame: The Crocodile walker features a frame positioned behind the child, which promotes independent movement and aids in achieving an upright walking posture. This positioning ensures that the child is well-supported while still being able to move freely.

Adjustable Handles: The walker is equipped with handles that are individually adjustable. This customization allows for the precise positioning of handles to provide optimal support and stability to the child’s body. This adaptability is vital as children may have varying support needs.

Harmony, Balance, and Rhythm: The Crocodile walker is designed to facilitate harmony, balance, and rhythm in the child’s walking pattern. These aspects are crucial for achieving a natural and efficient gait, promoting both mobility and confidence.

Lightweight and Portable: The walker is lightweight and convenient to dismantle, making it easy to transport and store. This feature enhances its usability for families and caregivers, as it can be taken wherever the child needs it.

Versatile Support: The Crocodile can accommodate a wide range of support needs. It can be used by a child who requires minimal assistance, as well as by a child who needs comprehensive support with various additional accessories. This versatility ensures that it can adapt to the child’s changing mobility requirements over time.

Other Specifications:

Size 0Size 1Size 2Size 3
Item number 86800 868018680286803
Brake grip distance (mm)74747474
Folded height (mm) 300310270290
Folded length (mm)650720 8601000
Height from floor to handles (mm) 300-610 420-715 550-840 750–1045
Large castor (mm)W=30/ D=200W=30/ D=200W=30/ D=200W=30/ D=200
Length (mm)640720840870
Mass device (kg) 67 712
Maximum rated load (kg)38395494
Maximum user height (mm)1050 115015001800
Maximum user mass (kg)30304580
Overall width (mm)580630690 690
Small castor (mm)W=28/D=140W=28/D=140W=28/D=140W=28/D=140
Static stability downhill (°)15151515
Static stability sideways (°)
Static stability uphill (°)7777
Turning width (mm)1440160019002000
Width between handles (mm) 100-250 190-350 240-420 330-480


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