1. Experienced Active User: This wheelchair is intended for individuals who are experienced in using wheelchairs and are comfortable with a design that allows for some tipping without the use of anti-tip devices.
  2. Ease of Lifting and Driving: The U3 Light is designed to be easy to lift and drive. This feature makes it convenient for users to transport and maneuver the wheelchair, including lifting it in and out of cars.
  3. Ergonomic Features: Despite its focus on easy handling, the wheelchair is designed to maintain ergonomic features. This ensures that the user’s comfort and posture are not compromised.
  4. Optimized Design: The design is optimized for simple handling and transportation, especially in and out of vehicles.
  5. Excellent Driving Characteristics: The wheelchair is engineered to have excellent driving characteristics, providing a smooth and efficient mobility experience.
  6. Minimalistic Design: The design of the U3 Light wheelchair is described as clean and minimalistic, emphasizing simplicity and functionality.
  7. Improvements in Daily Life: For active users, this wheelchair is expected to bring significant improvements to their daily lives, enhancing their mobility and independence.
  8. Components: The wheelchair features various components, including a carbon fiber rear axle, SPINERGY X rear wheels, aluminum footrest, and X castor wheels.
  9. Seat Bag: It comes with a seat bag that has integrated magnets, providing a convenient storage option.
  10. Two Set-Up Options: The U3 Light is available in two different set-ups: “U3 Light” and “U3 Light L.” The latter, “U3 Light L,” has a more “tippy” balance, achieved by moving the rear axle forward an additional 22 mm.
  11. Balance Adjustment: The balance can be calibrated by adjusting the position of the backrest to suit the user’s preferences and needs.
  12. Color Options: The standard colors for the U3 Light are pearl white and anodic black.

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