1. High-Quality Materials: The wheelchair is constructed using premium materials like chrome molybdenum and titanium for the frame. These materials are known for their durability and lightweight properties.
  2. Specialized Wheels: The rear wheels of the Panthera Micro are adapted from marathon racing chairs, which are designed for speed and efficiency. This choice of wheels suggests a focus on providing efficient mobility.
  3. Maneuverability: Like tennis chairs, the Panthera Micro features a single castor wheel for easier rotation. This design element enhances the wheelchair’s maneuverability, allowing the user to navigate more easily.
  4. Targeted Mobility Solution: The Panthera Micro was created with the primary purpose of granting children like David the freedom to move where they want. This highlights its focus on improving the quality of life and independence of its users.
  5. Positive Results: You mentioned that the chair has exceeded expectations, which suggests that it has had a significant positive impact on David’s mobility and potentially other children as well.
  6. Broader Application: Due to the success of the Panthera Micro with David and other children in similar situations, it has been produced for a broader audience, recognizing the needs of many more children with similar mobility requirements.

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