1. Easy to Drive: The wheelchair is designed to be easy for children to operate and maneuver, ensuring they can move around comfortably and independently.
  2. Easy to Adapt: It appears to have adaptability features, such as the option for an abduction front, which can provide additional support and customization based on the child’s specific needs.
  3. Easy to Lift: The wheelchair likely features a design that makes it relatively lightweight or has features that assist caregivers in lifting and transporting it as needed.
  4. Active Chair for Children: Panthera Bambino is described as an “active chair,” suggesting that it promotes an active lifestyle for children, allowing them to engage in various activities while using the wheelchair.
  5. Available Colors: The standard color for Panthera Bambino is red, but there may be exceptions for the chassis without abduction in different seat widths, which can be ordered in black.

Other Specifications:


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