1. Purpose: These manipulators are intended for use in several medical procedures, including Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion (blocking the fallopian tubes), Diagnostic Laparoscopy (visualization of the abdominal and pelvic organs), Minilaparotomy (a minimally invasive surgical procedure), Fertility Exams, and Salpingoplastic procedures (surgical repair of the fallopian tubes). They are particularly useful when manipulation or positioning of the uterus is required during these procedures.
  2. Material: The manipulators are made of transparent plastic, which allows for visibility during the procedure. The use of biocompatible materials ensures that they are safe for use within the body.
  3. Double Lumen Tubes: These devices feature double lumen tubes, which means they have two separate channels or passages within the manipulator. One lumen is used for inflating a 10cc intrauterine cuff, likely to stabilize the position of the manipulator within the uterus. The other lumen is designed for injecting contrast imaging fluid through the distal port. This allows for the visualization of the uterine and tubal structures during the procedure.
  4. Balloon Inflation: The balloon inside the manipulator can be inflated to secure its position within the uterus. This inflation serves the dual purpose of preventing the backflow of fluids (contrast imaging fluid or other fluids) and stabilizing the manipulator.
  5. Syringe Included: A syringe is included with the manipulator, likely for injecting the contrast imaging fluid or inflating the intrauterine cuff.


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