1. Concentrated Formula: The product is concentrated, meaning that you need to dilute it with warm water before use.
  2. Multiple Uses: It can be used as a body wash by diluting it in water, as a hand soap at full strength, or in the shower.
  3. Cleans and Refreshes: The product is designed to clean and refresh the skin, making it suitable for both adults and children.
  4. Odor Elimination: It has the capability to eliminate odors, which can be particularly useful for personal hygiene.
  5. Alcohol-Free: Being alcohol-free is often a desirable feature as alcohol can be harsh on the skin, especially for individuals with sensitive skin.
  6. Satisfaction Guarantee: The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in its effectiveness.
  7. Made in USA: The product is manufactured in the United States.

Other Specifications:


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