1. Inkless Technology: This system is designed to produce dark, crisp, and permanent images without the need for ink. This can be especially important when capturing the footprints of babies, as it avoids the mess associated with traditional ink-based methods.
  2. Two-Step Process: It utilizes a two-step process that consistently yields high-quality prints suitable for scanning. This suggests that the system ensures accuracy and reliability in capturing biometric data.
  3. No Mess or Clean-Up: Unlike traditional ink-based methods that can be messy and require cleanup, this system claims to eliminate the need for mess and additional steps for cleaning the baby’s foot after capturing the print.
  4. Quality: The system is recognized as a superior biometric identification system, which implies that it meets high standards in terms of image quality and accuracy.
  5. Customization: Custom, full-color forms are available upon request. This allows for customization to meet specific needs or branding requirements.
  6. Quick Image Development: The special coating on the form produces a crisp, permanent image almost immediately. This is advantageous, especially when dealing with infants, as it minimizes the time required for capturing the prints while keeping the baby’s foot clean and dry.



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