Lightweight and Portable: Because of its extraordinary lightweight, carers may easily maneuver the Molift Smart 150 around a home or care facility. Its small size guarantees that little room is needed for storing.

Effortless Transfers: The lifting mechanism of this patient lifts for home is sensitive and smooth, making transfers between surfaces simple. Transfers can be completed by carers with little physical strain, lowering the possibility of harm.

Hoisting Range: The 27 to 168 cm hoisting range provides a great maximum height at which to hoist something while also getting quite low, making lifting something off the floor simple. The traditional 4-point sling bar allows for a roomy and comfortable hoisting position for the user.

Ergonomic Design: The Molift Smart 150’s design takes carers and patients into account. The adjustable leg supports, cozy slings, and ergonomic grips improve the user experience overall.

Flexible Sling Solutions: A range of sling solutions are available to meet the demands of different patients, enabling customization according to specifications.

Other Specifications:


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