Rapid Touchscreen Interface: The feeding pump has a user-friendly touchscreen interface that makes operation and programming easier. Patients can easily make adjustments, and healthcare experts can swiftly set up feeding programs.

Precise and Reliable Delivery: Enteral feeding requires accuracy, and the EP60 performs admirably in this area. Modern technology minimises the chance of difficulties by ensuring precise and reliable nourishment or drug delivery.

Customised Feeding Protocols: Utilise the feeding supply kit for adjustable settings to customise feeding regimens to meet the demands of each individual patient. Adjust flow rates and volume restrictions to accommodate certain dietary needs.

Anti-Free Flow Safety Feature: When the feeding set is unplugged, the EP60’s anti-free flow mechanism stops accidental flow. This feature gives patients an additional degree of security.

Longer Battery Life: This medical equipment  longer battery life allows you to use it for continuous feedings without having to change batteries or halt the process often, which improves patient comfort and convenience.

Other Specifications:


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