1. Variable Flow Rate: The applicator offers a variable flow rate, allowing the user to control the rate at which the adhesive is dispensed. This feature is valuable for tailoring the application to different wound sizes and requirements.
  2. Adjustable Tip: The applicator comes with an adjustable tip that allows users to control the adhesive width. This adjustability is crucial for ensuring precise application, especially when dealing with different wound sizes and locations.
  3. Micro-Bristle Brush: This feature provides wide coverage, making it effective for wound closure and promoting optimal healing. The micro-bristle brush helps distribute the adhesive evenly over the wound area, ensuring thorough and consistent application.
  4. Inverted Tip: The inverted tip is designed for situations where narrower lines of adhesive are required. This is useful for smaller wounds or incisions that don’t need as much adhesive but still require precise application.
  5. Angled Micro Tip: The angled micro tip is ideal for confined areas or situations where awkward angles make precise application challenging. It allows for a fine line of adhesive, enabling clinicians to close wounds with pinpoint accuracy.

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