The exofin fusion offers several advantages for medical procedures:

  1. FAST: It enables faster closure of incisions compared to traditional sutures. The adhesive becomes tack-free in less than 45 seconds, and full curing occurs within 60 seconds after application. This speed can save valuable time in the operating room.
  2. EASY: The application process is straightforward. Users simply need to open the curved mesh strip, place it over the incision site, and seal it. This simplicity contributes to efficient and reliable wound closure.
  3. STERILE: Independent third-party testing has confirmed that exofin fusion eliminates bacteria growth. The adhesive forms a watertight, microbial barrier, allowing patients to resume normal daily activities like showering promptly. This is especially beneficial for patient comfort and hygiene.
  4. STRONG: Exofin fusion creates a robust seal with excellent holding power. The mesh’s design distributes tension along the entire incision, preventing gaps from forming in the skin. This strength ensures the integrity of the wound closure.

Exofin fusion is used in various medical specialties:

  1. Orthopedics for Total Joints (Hips and Knees): The flexible mesh contours to the incision, creating a secure microbial barrier against infection-causing bacteria.
  2. Cardiovascular Closure of the Chest/Sternum: It eliminates the need for a large, bulky bandage down the chest and enhances patient comfort by reducing the necessity for continuous dressing changes.
  3. Plastic Surgery: The mesh adapts to the patient’s body shape and provides continuous tension along the incision length, unlike sutures.
  4. Ortho/Neuro for Spine: It immediately forms a barrier against infection-causing bacteria and eliminates the need for frequent dressing changes in sensitive, hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Obstetrics (C-Section Closure): Ideal for C-section closures, it offers an immediate waterproof barrier and allows new mothers to shower right away, promoting post-operative comfort and hygiene.

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