1. Optimal Flexibility: This formulation provides the adhesive with optimal flexibility. Flexible adhesives are less likely to crack or break when subjected to movement or tension, which is crucial for ensuring the longevity and integrity of wound closures.
  2. Quick Dry: The adhesive polymerizes (dries) rapidly, typically within 60 seconds. Quick drying is essential in medical settings as it minimizes the time required for wound closure procedures, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of contamination during the curing process.
  3. Microbial Barrier: The adhesive creates a microbial barrier, which is vital for preventing bacteria from infiltrating the adhesive barrier, as long as the adhesive remains intact. This feature is essential for reducing the risk of infection at the wound site.
  4. Pain-Free Application: One of the notable benefits is that the application of this adhesive is painless. It does not cause a stinging or burning sensation, which is essential for patient comfort and satisfaction during wound closure procedures.

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