1. Heat Dissipation: Burn dressings like this one are designed to dissipate heat from the burn site. This is crucial for preventing further damage to the surrounding healthy tissue and for soothing the burn.
  2. Conforms to Wound Area: The foam dressing is made to conform to the shape and size of the wound. This helps in ensuring that the entire burn area is covered and treated effectively.
  3. Fibreless Elastic Open-Cell Foam Sheeting: The use of elastic open-cell foam sheeting is beneficial because it’s flexible, which allows it to adapt to the contours of the wound. It’s likely “fibreless” to prevent any loose fibers from sticking to the burn.
  4. Wound Covering: The primary purpose of this dressing is to provide a protective covering for the burn wound. It helps in preventing infection, reducing pain, and promoting a suitable environment for healing.
  5. Gel Retention: Burn dressings often have a gel-like substance that helps in cooling and soothing the burn. This gel is usually retained within the dressing to maintain a moist environment, which is conducive to healing and reducing pain.


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