How Will Assisted Living Wheelchairs Be The Best Companion For Daily Life Activities?

How Will Assisted Living Wheelchairs Be The Best Companion For Daily Life Activities?

Analyticsteam June 24, 2024

TSenior adults in wheelchairs have to adjust their lifestyle. However, they must not limit their access to everything they need to enjoy during this period. Switching to a well-supportive assisted living wheelchair with enhanced features will help them to live life more independently. They can get around and access daily necessities easily. In addition, they will enjoy fun activities without any hassles.

When they are living at home or independently, it becomes difficult for senior adults to move from place to place with a wheelchair. This is why they move to assisted living facilities to get better assistance and care. However, they need a good wheelchair in either case to support mobility. 

At Bridgeway Medical Systems, we have superior quality and long-serving assisted living wheelchairs from top brands. Being a reputed service provider of innovative Medical Solutions in Dubai, UAE, we only supply certified and guaranteed assisted living products.

In this blog, we will discuss how assisted-living wheelchairs will help senior adults in their day-to-day activities.

Check Out How The Best Wheelchair Will Help The Seniors

A good wheelchair will be the best-ever mobility partner for senior adults. It will help them with so many benefits. 

Improves and Enhances Mobility 

Once people start ageing, their muscles and joints will weaken. Still, senior adults love to enjoy outdoor activities with assisted living. They love to spend enjoyable time with family and friends. But, because of mobility problems, they stay restricted. This is where wheelchairs will help them to get around and enjoy the things they want to. Wheelchairs are specifically designed to assist users to move around and explore the outdoor world without any hindrance. Studies show that senior adults using wheelchairs live an active lifestyle. It gives them increased independence and freedom. 

At our store, you can check out the Panthera X assisted living wheelchair. It comes with a rigid-framed chair made of carbon fibre, which makes it greatly lightweight. The best part is the wheelchair can be placed into a vehicle. Its chassis is designed to give a well-balanced and effortless grip. Mobility will be enhanced by using this model. It also has a backrest that can be calibrated to multiple positions. It will let the user reach an equilibrium point, improving comfort.

Gives the Freedom A Senior Adult Wants

If you ask older adults what the worst thing about living with mobility difficulty is, most of them will say getting dependent on their family members and caregivers in assisted living. They have to rely on caregivers to move around, which makes them feel that their freedom is lost.

Hence, bringing back freedom in their life, elderly people who are dealing with reduced mobility have to choose the right wheelchair. This will make them less dependent on others. Also, they will be happy to get their freedom back. Wheelchairs will help them to move around freely and enjoy recreational activities without restrictions. We supply a great variety of wheelers that are easy to use. It will give the senior adults the freedom they desire. 

Enhances their Social Life 

Human beings are meant to socialise and live in a community. Interacting with people is etched in the human DNA. The phenomenon of socialising gets stronger with age. Senior adults who are using quality and safety wheelchairs can move around by themselves and meet their friends.

Using a wheelchair, they can participate in socialising activities. Moreover, it will allow the senior adults to live their lives on their own terms. hey will no longer be dependent on a caregiver to move around. Moreover, being actively socialising will improve their mental health and quality of life. It will allow them to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives independently. At our store, you can explore wheelchairs with advanced configurations that will help them move and enjoy social life.

Gives Better Convenience and Comfort

Modern wheelchairs are designed and featured to provide the best convenience and comfort to senior adults. You can find that they feature comfortable seating to perfectly align the spine. It will also offer them firm support. Today’s wheelchairs are available in a broader variety of options. Therefore, if seniors face any problem or concern, it can be easily fixed or taken care of. 

When they opt for a wheelchair that perfectly suits their body, they will witness great comfort and convenience. When you shop for wheelchairs from our store, you will find modern designed wheelchairs with numerous features to make mobility more convenient than before.

Let’s Them Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Senior adults love to enjoy outdoor activities. But, as they face restricted mobility, they start getting depressed for not being able to enjoy the common outdoor activities. However, this problem can be solved after they get a wheelchair. 

They can go out with their caregivers and move around the park with their fellow mates. They can also attend a picnic arranged by the assisted living facility. Overall, they can do all types of outdoor activities, such as exploring park trails, bird watching, taking photos, and much more. Apart from this, they can go shopping at their favourite stores. They will also enjoy dining out or watching movies at the theatre. Moreover, they can visit their friends and family too. Overall, wheelchairs will give the seniors a more active lifestyle. They will help them live a happier, positive, and healthier life.

Choose the Right Wheelchair for Senior Parents

When you are choosing a wheelchair for an elderly person, it is a big decision and investment. The mobility needs will vary from person to person. There are senior adults who need a permanent wheelchair. At the same time, there are others who need temporary assistance while moving out or inside the home. 

So, before you decide to buy the right wheelchair for your senior parent, consider the following factors:

The environment where you will be using it

  • Overall weight
  • Consider transportation needs
  • Storage requirements
  • User frequency
  • Body composition
  • User abilities 

Essential features to look into


You will notice most footrests move outward or sometimes both outward and inward. It is important to have a retractable or stable footrest for safe mobility. It will allow the caregiver to stand in front of the chair without the need to step over the footrest. You can also check out models where the footplates are completely removed. This is important when transporting a wheelchair because it will reduce the overall frame size.


Wheelchair armrests are very essential to provide support when sitting. But, they can stuck as an obstacle when you are transporting the wheelchair. You can choose wheelchairs that have detachable armrests to allow for side-to-side movement. It will be helpful when you are transporting the wheelchair as the frame will become lighter when the armrest is removed. At our store, you will find the Panthera X wheelchair model, which is easy to transport as its complete body is lightweight. 


You will notice a manual break mounted near the rear tyre. It should be applied when the wheelchair is stationary or when it is transferred. There are wheelchairs that are equipped with brakes near the push handle.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how the Assisted Living Wheelchair will be the best companion for senior adults, and it has incredible supportive benefits. When picking up the wheelchair, one must know the essential considerations and suitable features. If you are looking to invest in the right wheelchair, check out the exclusive models from top brands in bridgeway medical systems store.



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